Remove the hassle and uncertainty of finding suppliers in China

Our Supplier Prospecting Program connects you with the best Chinese suppliers. So you can source with confidence.

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Expert consultancy and supply chain management at any stage of your sourcing journey.

From one-off support, to complete sourcing management, we can help.

$40 per hour

Affordable hourly rate

No minimum hours

Tailor-made solutions

FREE initial consultation

Affordable hourly rate

Tailor made solutions

No minimum hours

FREE initial consultation

The Process

No matter where you are on your sourcing journey, we can help.

Step 1:


Initial consultation

Whether you’re looking to move your manufacturing to China or to break ground on a bright idea, we can help. We’ll discuss your product, business, and market to better understand your sourcing requirements. Then, we can put together a plan tailored to your unique needs.

Consulting at any stage

Already sourcing from China and need expert advice? We provide consulting services at any stage in the sourcing process.

Step 2:

Supplier and manufacturer prospecting

Finding the right supplier

Epic sourcing has a database of more than 1,600 highly rated suppliers. We’ll put together a shortlist of top suppliers that meet your unique needs.

Manufacturer validation

Rest assured that any supplier or manufacturer we put you in contact with has gone through a thorough validation process. The report is compiled in a way that is both objective and transparent so you know exactly who you are working with.

Due diligence and factory compliance

Conducting thorough due diligence is a crucial step in the sourcing process and one that can save you time and money. Our compliance process incorporates a commitment to ethical practices and an acknowledgment of our responsibility to protect the welfare of workers and the environment. As such we are guided by the Responsible Business Association (RBA) code of conduct.

Our commitments:

No child labour
Legitimate wages
Industry-specific health and safety requirements
Sustainable manufacturing practices

Step 3:

Product Development

Material sourcing

From bamboo toothbrushes to carbon fiber sunglasses and everything in between, we can help you source the right materials. Sustainably.

Product feasibility

The teleportation device you’ve designed won’t be hard to sell, but can it be built? Epic Sourcing can conduct a thorough feasibility analysis to determine the viability of your product from a sourcing standpoint.

Prototyping and sample development

One of the sweetest moments for anyone developing a new product is seeing it come to life. Epic Sourcing can guide you through the prototyping and sampling stage to make sure your vision translates into reality. From design to delivery; we’re with you every step of the way.

Contract negotiation

Language and cultural barriers can make negotiating contract terms very difficult. We can secure terms that work for you and strengthen your supplier relationships. We’ll help you define key deliverables, performance indicators, milestones, and timelines, so there are no surprises.

Production monitoring

For challenging orders, having production monitoring in place helps identify and remedy issues fast. We conduct on-site inspections to keep your manufacturer or supplier accountable every step of the way.

Post-production quality control

While Made in China is no longer synonymous with poor quality, effective quality control mechanisms remain a priority for any business looking to build their supply chain. Our Co-QC team is highly experienced in all areas of post-production quality control.

Shipping arrangements

Epic Sourcing offers comprehensive shipping support. From choosing the most appropriate shipping method to finding the best quality-to-price ratio, we’ll guide you through the process. From pre-loading inspections to document creation and tracking, each step in the shipping process is carefully planned and overseen by our co-shipping team.

We’ll provide support with:

Shipping method selection
Pre-loading inspections
Clearance document creation and filing
Shipment tracking

Step 4:

Receive your ready-to-sell product

Product updates

Need to make some changes on your product? Are your customers looking for an additional feature? We can help you go from initial design to 2.0.

Order amendments

If you need to amend your initial order, we can help renegotiate the contract.

Urgent orders

Sales through the roof? Need stock ASAP to meet customer demand? We can help negotiate terms for urgent or one-off orders.

Step 5:

Relationship management

Ongoing communication

Local knowledge goes a long way. One of the most important ways we are helping Kiwi businesses is by bridging the cultural and language divide. We understand the local business culture and can help manage your supplier relationship.


Help Kiwis Sourcing Ethically and Sustainably