How It Works

Help Kiwis Sourcing Ethically and Sustainably


Factory Compliance
Product Development
Sampling & Prototyping


Supplier Management
Quality Managment
Shipping Management

carbon management

Carbon Measurement
Carbon Verification
Carbon Mitigating

I have supplier database covers more than 1,600 ethical suppliers information and is ready to scan for the ones you need. With enhanced sourcing and filtering methods, I aim to locate the best factory for matching your sustainable product needs.

Factory Compliance

ABSOLUTELY NO SWEAT FACTORY AND CHILD LABOUR. Conducted by RBA code we are making sure the factories meet health and safety as well as improved working conditions, making sure your business holds a responsible and ethical company standard.

Product Development

Together with supplier in-house design team, we work alongside you to study any feasible and appealing product logo and branding. Tailoring it to your design requirements.

Sampling & Prototyping

Easily one of the best moments is seeing your first prototype come to life. Although it can be a tricky process with information passing back and forth. We strive to want to make sure is your sample or prototype is perfect enough before being mass-produced.

Supplier Verify and Negotiation

Good communication is key to a great long-term relationship. I understand the local business culture and practice, which gives me the ability to manage your supplier relationship while you can simply focus on what matters to your business.

Quality Management

While “Made-in-China” is no longer a synonym for poor quality, effective quality control mechanisms remain a priority for any business looking to build their supply chain. My responsive and responsible Co-QC team are very experienced with all kinds product quality check and management.

Production Planning

Have no time on daily production planning and management? While TK can plan it for you and all you need to do it approval and then layback do your monitoring.
I can plan and monitoring your production a daily basis so that you have a peace of mind to focus on whats more important.

Shipping arrangement and monitoring
Assess the ideal shipping method

As part of my shipping support, I give you advice on the most appropriate shipping method with a good quality-to-price ratio. From loading to delivery, each step is planned and overseen by co-shipping team and me. I manage the publication of customs clearance documents and update you about the exact location and status of your order.

Book in Shipping and arrange exporting

I help with domestic shipping arrangement and prepare to export files to enable a smooth way of dealing with your logistics.
Making it a secure and easy shipping experience with transparent monitoring for your goods until it arrives at your warehouse.