How to find company information on Alibaba

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TK Wang
Founder & Director @ Epic Sourcing

Verifying your Chinese supplier

A guide to finding accurate company information on Alibaba

If you’re using B2B sites like Alibaba and AliExpress to find products in China, it pays to do your due diligence. Working with the wrong supplier can cause big headaches for businesses big and small.

Properly verifying your supplier or manufacturer will minimise the risk, help you source with confidence, and set you on a path for sourcing success.

Whether you’re conducting the verification process yourself, or having a 3rd party like Epic Sourcing do it for you, you first need to find accurate company information.

Below we’ll break down the process of finding a supplier’s company information on Alibaba. This information can then be used to thoroughly verify your supplier or manufacturer.

How to find company information on Alibaba

Let’s find an example to demonstrate how the process works on Alibaba.

How about a Turkish coffee maker? Everyone loves coffee = bestseller?

So, we’re on the product home page. Let’s find out who makes these stylish coffee makers. 

Alibaba gives you 3 ways of finding company information. 

Option 1:

On the product home page, underneath the Contact supplier and Call us buttons, you’ll find the company name.

Option 2:

If you click on the company name you found on the product page, it will take you to that company's main page. Here you’ll find the company name in the banner and just above the banner on the left hand side as well.

Option 3:

If you’re looking for additional company information, go to the company home page and click on Contacts. If you scroll down you’ll find Company contact information. This will give you everything you need to know about your supplier.