How to find company information on AliExpress

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TK Wang
Founder & Director @ Epic Sourcing

Verifying your Chinese supplier

A guide to finding accurate company information on AliExpress

If you’re using B2B sites like Alibaba and AliExpress to find products in China, it pays to do your due diligence. Working with the wrong supplier can cause big headaches for businesses big and small.

Properly verifying your supplier or manufacturer will minimise the risk, help you source with confidence, and set you on a path for sourcing success.

Whether you’re conducting the verification process yourself, or having a 3rd party like Epic Sourcing do it for you, you first need to find accurate company information.

Below we’ll break down the process of finding a supplier’s company information on AliExpress. This information can then be used to thoroughly verify your supplier or manufacturer. 

How to find company information on AliExpress

To illustrate the process on AliExpress, let’s use an example. 

Let’s look at a laptop stand. Who wouldn’t want one of these?

So, we’re on the product home page for our laptop stand. Let’s find the company details so we can have this supplier verified.

Step 1:

On the product page hover your mouse over the name of the supplier. You can find this name to the right of the AliExpress logo. This will open a box with additional information about your supplier.

Like this:

In this box you’ll see Business Information <- Click on this. 

To proceed past this point you’ll need to be logged in. If you don’t already have one, creating an account is easy and free.

Step 2:

Clicking Business Information will take you to a page that looks something like this:

Here you will find the Company name and the Business license registration number.

With these 2 key pieces of information a Chinese company can be fully verified.