What our clients say

Jeremy Beasley

CEO at Sixchefs

I've worked with quite a few other agencies but there was a distinct and clear difference with Epicsourcing. It's not easy to understand our niche space, but they really get it. And it shows, our results have been outstanding.

Edward Kearney

COO & Co-founder at Gowntown

TK has been an incredibly reliable and professional sourcing manager for many years. Their work has enabled us to gain a considerable competitive edge.

Nick Foster

Co-founder at Delivereasy

Working with Epicsourcing to source our new company’s merchandise was incredibly easy and personal. We saved ourselves a lot of time and even had fun along the way! Highly recommended.

Eugene Holdenson

CEO& Co-founder at Ragtagd

Working with EpicSourcing is just easy and straightforward, TK is super-efficient and responsible, giving us more time to focus on marketing and sales.

Dany Girgis

CEO at Surething Travel

Epicsourcing sourced great suppliers and merchandise for our travel programs. TK is responsive also responsible, we recommend Epicsourcing for product sourcing in China.

Robert Chanphakeo

CEO at Livepay

Epicsourcing helped us found POS portal in China at great quality and cost. There is no doubt the team boosted our sourcing process in China for our business.

Case Studies
A sample of our favourite sourcing stories
Supplier sourcing for Delivereasy Jacket
February, 2017
6 months
“It was a fun trip to factories in China with TK,” said Nick Foster, Founder of Delivereasy.
Nick got in touch with Epicsourcing’s New Zealand sourcing representative TK in early 2017. Together they worked out an ideal jacket design with the focus on sizes and quality before they flew over to China in June 2017 sourcing productive meetings with factories. The trip was tiring but fun, Nick and his team experienced local cultures along the way and knocked down targeting cost at the factory.
“It was surely a WIN-WIN” Said Tim, CTO at Delivereasy.
Manufacturing monitoring and shipping
3 months
“TK located a great supplier for us to manufacture touch-screen POS machines in China. After 3 months of development, we decided to fly over for an inspection and negotiate costs on mass manufacturing."
Robert came to me with understanding of his problem which he tried to solve by himself. Unforntunately for him not so successful. I helped him with monitoring and shipping so he've got his products ready in time with best quality.
"There is no doubt the Epicsourcing made a huge difference in our product supply chain.” Robert Chanphakeo CEO at Livepay
"TK helped a lot in term of multiple-party communication, manufacturing monitoring and shipping arranging."
Vending machine sourcing and expo
2 months
“TK helps us build almost the entire product line.” said founder and CEO at Ragtag.
With TK, we had a great experience taking part in a Vending Machine Expo in Guangzhou in June 2019. This event gave us an opportunity to share our company's services and make new partners and friends.
“He (TK) is hardworking and creative on supplier and product sourcing in China, together we participated in the Vending Machine Expo in Guangzhou was great fun. Ragtagd highly recommended Epicsourcing for any products sourcing in China” Eugene Holdenson, CEO at Ragtagd
Production contract negotiation reprensentitive
1 month
“We work with Epicsourcing on our packaging products for a while and we located a perfect supplier for our products."
Nick came with his ineresting product which was needed to be packaged. Our communication was very easy. And final product was perfectly produced and delivered in time.
With TK's negotiation skills, we knock down products price lower than we expected, which enable us a great competitive edge.” Nick Sommer CMO at Sustinable Packaging