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Hot Source

What's it all about?

Hot Sauce is that spicy stuff you put on your wings.
Hot Source is where kiwi businesses go to get stuff made.

NZ is full of clever folks with bright ideas. So, we created a product sourcing hub that's tailor-made for the small business, the startup, and the eCom entrepreneur.

What's so hot about it? Forget about yesterday's hot products, we'll help you source tomorrow's.

We're ready
when you are.

With specialist teams on the ground in Auckland, China, and throughout Asia, you'll be tapping into an expert sourcing ecosystem that's ready to roll.

We take care of the niggly sourcing stuff, so you can get back to doing what you do best; growing your business.


Oh, and we’re saving our clients up to 77% on their orders.

The recipe

How to manufacture activewear in China

With an expert sourcing agency (that's us) by your side.

Bring in your bright idea

It all starts with a chat. Tell us about the product you want to import or manufacture, and we'll start building the perfect procurement plan.


Connect with
the best manufacturers

Our clients only work with the best suppliers and manufacturers. If you want world class products, you need a world class supplier.

Sample until it's juuuust right

Tweak, tune, and fiddle with the features. Get to the Golden Sample before you push play on production.


Source it like
a pro

We’ll negotiate pricing and contract terms on your behalf, monitor production, conduct QC, and ship the products to your hot little hand (or your warehouse).

“TK and the team at Epic make every step of the process easy and even enjoyable.”
- Nick



Comfort + functionality

Tees + Singlets

Pants + Shorts + Leggings

Hoodies + Jumpers + Jackets

Sport Specific Apparel

Crops + Bras + Tanks


It starts with the right fabric

Material world

Looking for the perfect fiber? A material that’s durable, functional, and comfortable?  We work with manufacturers that produce innovative materials and technical weaves for some of the world’s biggest clothing brands.


A sourcing solution

in a nice tidy package


Transparent pricing


One-off payment


No hidden costs or fees

We'll connect you with industry-leading, verified suppliers and manufacturers in Asia, so you can source with confidence.
Our product sampling service is the easiest way to turn your bright idea into a real product.
Our full suite of product sourcing services, in one tidy package. It's the complete product sourcing solution for businesses on the move.

Activewear trends 2022

What’s hot in the activewear industry this year.


The activewear industry is booming, and athleisure is leading the way. So, what is athleisure? It’s clothing you want to wear on your commute, to the gym, and when you’re out-and-about. It’s multifunctional, durable but comfortable, and of course… super stylish.

Seamless activewear

Seamless activewear is having a big moment right now. Innovative manufacturing techniques have enabled activewear brands to hide the seam, or remove it altogether. It’s not all about the look either, seamless clothing can significantly improve functionality and durability.

Smart clothing

If you want to get creative with your activewear brand, make it smart. Haptic feedback is being used in the industry and the results are very interesting. Think yoga pants that tell you when your downward dog is dodgy, the Tesla Suit, and socks that monitor your running technique.

Sustainable materials

Consumers are increasingly conscious of what their clothing is made out of. Organic cotton, recycled polyester, and non-toxic dyes are just some of the sustainable materials gaining in popularity across the industry. Helping businesses make sustainability a part of their brand is one of our core objectives at Epic.



Remember when every piece of gym clothing was steel grey, white, or black? Why so serious? The modern activewear consumer is fashion conscious, and bland just doesn’t cut it. Bright colours are in.

Let's bring your activewear brand to life in 2022

From a sketch in the back of a notebook, to a ready-to-sell activewear piece your customers will love.

Epic Sourcing specialises in helping kiwi businesses manufacture activewear in China.

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