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TK helped us sourced POS portal at excellent quality and reasonable cost. There was no doubt he's service boosted our sourcing process in China for our business.

Robert Chanphakeo
CEO at Livepay


TK is your tailored sourcing assistant, helping you build a business with less hassles.
Small business friendly

Small business friendly & Personalized

Tailored for small business

Every company starts somewhere small and, with the right guidance and setup can eventually grow huge. Small companies matter to all of us as I know they begin from ideas by friends and family. Sometimes it's hard to make those ideas a reality, and that's where my service is catered to helping you through those initial steps.

Care beyond the product

Environment & Social Responsibility

I care beyond the product

There is a definite shift for every business now to be more environmental-friendly. However, we understand that not everyone has the resources and time to make that happen. We have sustainable, sourcing solutions for you at the very beginning of your supply chain.

Spend your time on what's more important.
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Working with TK is just easy and straightforward, he is super-efficient and responsible, giving us more time to focus on marketing and sales.

Eugene Holdenson
CEO& Co-founder at Ragtagd

The sourcing manager that you can trust like your own,
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Epicsourcing committee on transparency and legitimacy.

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sourcing & prototyping

Supplier sourcing for Delivereasy Jacket

Nick got in touch with TK in early 2017. Together they worked out an ideal jacket design and prototype before they fly to China in June 2017 for sourced factories’ meetings.

Delivereasy Jackets Sourcing
Inspection and Monitoring

professional & responsive

Manufacturing monitoring and shipping

TK located a great supplier for us manufacturing touch-screen POS machine in China. After three months of developing, we decided to fly over for an inspection and negotiated mass manufacturing cost.


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July 10, 2018

If you’re manufacturing a product common to the West but absent from China, how can you know whether your Chinese supplier really understands how it works? And if you’re communicating your requirements through a third-party vendor, how can you ensure that the actual production staff at the factory will meet them? The short answer is: it’s not always easy. Experienced importers already know that misunderstandings are common when working with suppliers. Novice importers are more likely to mistakenly believe that their supplier has their expectations clearly in mind after only one telling. This belief is one of the most common misconceptions of QC in China. And it can lead to quality problems, production & shipping delays and other headaches. But whether you’re a seasoned importer or are just starting out, you may be wondering how to avoid the misunderstandings that lead to these problems. There are ways to communicate with your supplier so that no questions are left unanswered. Let’s explore the common reasons for misunderstandings and some best practices for avoiding confusion.


July 11, 2019

What is a product sourcing agent? Do I need an agent when sourcing products from China? What benefits are there to using a product sourcing agent? Many companies use agents to gain competitive advantages on the components or products they purchase from low cost manufacturing countries like China. A sourcing agent for China has a team which understands the language and culture within the country. Such an agent saves the company high costs of maintaining its own international procurement/sourcing office (IPO). Services provided are supplier selection, translation, quality control, negotiation of price, pre-shipment inspection, logistics, documentation, shipping,…etc. A sourcing agent for China will make your buying faster, cheaper and safer helping you find honest and reliable Chinese manufacturers that deliver quality products at competitive prices.

Offshore Manufacturing: 3 Tips for Working With Chinese Sourcing Agents

October 1, 2106

When it comes to outsourcing your product manufacturing to China, I strongly recommend that you do your own legwork with regard to manufacturer selection. Once you have a manufacturer shortlist however, it will make sense to engage a Chinese sourcing agent to help you make your final selection, as well as to assist in managing the relationship with your new overseas manufacturer. Of course, working with any overseas business partner can be tricky, so hiring a sourcing agent is no guarantee that all will be rosy with your offshore venture. The odds will be greatly improved though, if you take the time and make the effort to build a good business relationship with your Chinese sourcing agent

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client reviews

Incredibly reliable and professional

TK has been an incredibly reliable and professional sourcing manager for many years. His works have enabled us to gain a considerable competitive edge.

Edward Kearney
COO & Co-founder at Gowntown

Easy and personable

Working with TK to source our new company merchandises was incredibly easy and personable. We saved ourselves a lot of time and even had fun along the way! Highly recommended.

Nick Foster
Co-founder at Delivereasy

Responsive and responsible

TK sourced great suppliers and merchandises for our travel programs. He is responsive also responsible, we recommend Epicsourcing for products sourcing in China.

Dany Girgis
CEO at Surething Travel

I can't wait to work with you!

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About Epicsourcing

TK trading as Epicsourcing is an Auckland based products & supplier sourcing sole trader. 
The mission is helping Kiwi SMEs sourcing and developing products in ethically and sustainably.

My background

TK has a bachelor of international trading &  economic degree. With five years of sourcing and international trading experience, he has gained an understanding of local business thinking, which is an essential asset of finding the right products for local businesses.

My services

Epicsourcing provides wide range product sourcing and development services, including product sourcing, prototyping, manufacturing monitoring and shipping arranging.
It covers all aspects of normal products supply-chain.