Source products
from China and Vietnam it’s just down the road.

Streamline your supply chain, reduce costs, and take a smart approach to product sourcing, with a New Zealand based sourcing agent by your side.

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Cost-effective sourcing solutions with no hidden costs or fees.

Partnering you
with the best

Work with industry-leading suppliers and manufacturers.

Supply chain

Build and maintain a supply chain that's tuned for long-term growth.

Local like you &
a bit of fun too

The Kiwi sourcing agency you'll want to hang with.

transparent pricing

No hidden costs or surprise percentage add-ons.

An expert team
without the hefty costs

Out source your sourcing and reduce your SCM costs.

We’re local,
and global

NZ-based project coordination, and a global team of sourcing experts at your disposal.

Are you paying too much for warehousing in NZ?

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It’s about more than great products...

We‘re helping build thriving kiwi businesses

Store it offshore. We'll create a cost-effective, tailor-made China warehousing solution for your business.

Our solutions
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Sourcing packages

Packaged solutions to guide you through the sourcing process.

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Launch or grow a real eCommerce business

Stop playing Alibaba roulette. We'll help you find and import hot products, and build a real business. Source your first product, or your next best-seller.

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Source quality products and build a scalable supply chain

Source quality products from industry-leading suppliers, and build a robust supply chain that you own. Designed for SMEs on the move.

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Develop and manufacture
new products

Got a bright idea? Bring a new product to life with Epic by your side. We'll connect you with the right manufacturer and guide you through the process from concept to working prototype.

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One-off services

One-off or ongoing services to help you manage an effective and efficient supply chain.

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Manufacturer verification

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Warehousing and 3PL solutions

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Freight forwarding

Supply chain diversification

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Quality control inspections

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Wish you could talk to a real person?

You can! Call our Product manager Dom. He can answer your burning questions and talk you through the best sourcing solution for your business.

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Tap into an expert sourcing ecosystem and make sourcing simple.

As Auckland based sourcing agents, and with a teams on the ground in China and Vietnam, we’re uniquely positioned to provide support at any stage in your sourcing journey.

Meet the team

Your dedicated New Zealand based account manager

Your expert sourcing teams in China & Vietnam

Our network of industry-leading suppliers & manufacturers

Our complete warehousing and logistics network

Sound familiar?

  • Product quality is hurting your brand
  • Finding the right manufacturer is like finding a needle in a haystack
  • Business is booming and your supply chain can’t keep up
  • Shipping and logistics is a seemingly unsolvable puzzle
  • You’re tired of scrolling through Alibaba
  • You can’t tell if your supplier is legit
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Your business before Epic

Sourcing headaches and uncertainty.

Success stories

Feel good moments from some very Epic clients.

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Let’s talk about a sourcing solution for your business.

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