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Streamlining the sourcing process for a growing kiwi business

Deal Mart is a kiwi company on the rise. They sell affordable homeware goods and have an ever expanding product range that covers gardening and outdoor equipment, pool tables, generators, and just about everything in between. Their focus is on delivering affordability without compromising on quality, and they have developed a loyal (and rapidly expanding) customer base.

“We don’t believe you should pay the world, do you?”
- Deal Mart.

Streamline your sourcing, without paying the world!

As a business offering affordable, high-quality products, Deal Mart knows how important it is to fine-tune the sourcing supply chain. They need competitive pricing, quality products, and suppliers they can trust to deliver on both. As is the case with many growing businesses, managing their sourcing process entirely in-house became inefficient and not economically prudent.

Enter Epic Sourcing

As Deal Mart grew, director Adam Nicholl quickly realised his focus needed to shift away from sourcing and towards marketing and sales. They wanted to put in place a streamlined sourcing system conducive to long-term growth.

For many small to medium-sized businesses, hiring a full-time employee to manage the sourcing process is not an efficient option. As a sourcing agent, we are able to step in at any stage of the process, and provide a professional service on an as-needed basis. That way, businesses can keep operating costs down, while benefiting from the expertise of a dedicated sourcing expert. This is ultimately what led Deal Mart to Epic Sourcing.

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Epic Timeline

October: Coffee time

Adam from Deal Mart made first contact and we sat down for a coffee. Is there a better way to get to know a client than with a strong coffee? We think not.

November: The test

After a really positive first meeting, we were assigned some preliminary tasks to ensure we could deliver what Deal Mart was looking for.

December: Partnership is official

Deal Mart was happy with our homework assignment so we moved forward with the project. As part of the ongoing relationship, we were now tasked with managing various aspects of the sourcing process, including managing contractors and handling day to day sourcing activities for the business.

January: Better sheds

One of our first big assignments involved finding reputable and reliable garden shed factories in China. Suppliers needed to be able to deliver high-quality products with competitive pricing.

February: Making a list

We put together a list of verified suppliers and presented this to Deal Mart. From this list they selected several options and we then approached these suppliers for additional information like quotes and lead times.

March: A winning factory

After assessing the pros and cons of each option, Deal Mart settled on a supplier and the process of placing an order started.

April: Production kicks off

Production was well underway by April and Deal Mart were looking forward to delivery. In order to keep costs down further we also arranged for the product photo shoot to take place in China (as opposed to NZ).

May: Quality control

Once the factory had completed the order, we sent in our team based in China to conduct a quality inspection. This is an important but often overlooked step in the sourcing process. The products passed the Epic quality check and were deemed ready to ship.

Epic results 

The garden shed project was a success, and since then we’ve worked on a number of other projects with Deal Mart. As their product range has continued to expand, we’ve helped partner them with a number of top suppliers. We also continue to provide Deal Mart with support in a range of areas like managing suppliers, monitoring orders on the ground in China, and organising shipping.


“I have been fortunate enough to be working with TK from Epic Sourcing for the past two years now. He has been very responsive and will always go out of his way to ensure the best results for your business. After exploring many product sourcing options, Epic Sourcing is by far the best in the market for finding the right products at an affordable rate. I wish TK and his team a Merry Christmas and I look forward to continuing to work with you moving forward next year”.

                  Adam Nicholl, Managing director from Deal Mart

It has been a pleasure working with Deal Mart, they are a small business on the rise and we really enjoy being a part of their journey.

Another happy client!
Tk, at Epic.

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