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A food delivery startup making it look easy

Delivereasy, New Zealand’s very own food delivery company, launched in 2015 and has been growing ever since. In an industry dominated by UberEats, Delivereasy has skillfully etched out a niche and a loyal following.

Food delivery has never looked so good

As the company grew, the team decided they needed a premium jacket for their drivers. Something that would protect them from the elements, improve their visibility on the road, and look good too.

Enter Epic Sourcing

Delivereasy wasn't looking for any old coats. They had specific requirements and were looking to develop a high-quality product for their team of drivers.

Finding a garment supplier on a B2B site like Alibaba is not difficult. In fact, a quick search will reveal hundreds of options. However, as we hear time and time again from clients, finding a supplier and finding the right supplier are 2 very different things. Enter, Epic Sourcing.

Sourcing like a pro

Like a lot of our clients at Epic Sourcing, Delivereasy sought expert sourcing support to eliminate the uncertainty and to streamline the process. The fact that they needed to go through the product development phase meant that finding the right supplier was particularly important. Fortunately, finding top suppliers and manufacturers for our clients is what we do best at Epic.

Epic Timeline

May 2017: First contact

Nick and the team at Delivereasy reached out to us in May. We got to know them and their business, and came up with a tailor-made solution.

May 2017: Supplier prospecting

Armed with a solid understanding of Delivereasy’s needs, we got to work building a list of qualified suppliers.

June 2017: Factory visit

As there was a product development phase for this project, we decided to make a trip to Shanghai, China to visit some factories. Not only is this a great way to verify suppliers, but it’s also an excellent way to build relationships and establish trust. We visited 3 factories and had a lot of fun along the way.

July 2017: First prototype delivered

In July, Delivereasy received their very first prototype of the jacket. The team was happy with the quality, and only a few changes had to be made.

August 2017: Golden sample and contract negotiation

Once the final (or golden) sample had been approved by Delivereasy, we began negotiating the contract. With pricing and terms in place, manufacturing could begin.

August 2017: Manufacturing begins

Delivereasy placed their first order and manufacturing of the jackets commenced.

September 2017: Inspection

Before any of the jackets shipped, we conducted a post-production inspection. This was done to ensure that the quality was up to the standard of the samples. There is nothing worse than getting your first order delivered only to find that the products are defective. In this case everything was ship shape, so it was time to ship.

November 2017: Delivereasy gets a delivery

The first batch of 200 jackets was delivered to the team and it was all smiles. They were super happy with the product, and it was a dream result.

Onwards: Happily ever after

Delivereasy and their jacket manufacturer have enjoyed a long and mutually beneficial relationship ever since.

Epic results 

Overall, the project was a huge success. Since helping them source premium jackets for their drivers, we’ve worked with them to bring in cooling bags, pizza bags, and other packaging.


“Delivereasy has worked alongside Epic Sourcing to source and import merchandise and operating equipment to NZ for years. TK and the team make every step of the process easy and even enjoyable. We highly recommend using these guys if you need anything imported for your business.”

                  Nick Foster at Delivereasy

Supporting them in their journey, and seeing a dream come to life is one of the best parts of doing what we do. 

Delivereasy Jackets

It was a pleasure working with Delivereasy, and we’re looking forward to watching them grow and expand their operation throughout New Zealand.

Hungry? Order from Delivereasy! Check out their slick jackets when they deliver your tasty meal.

Another happy client.
Tk, at Epic.

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