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Graduate in style

Gowntown is a premium graduation gown supplier based in Australia. They have gained a reputation as being the go-to spot for high-quality gowns, caps, and even frames. If you’re graduating and want to look good doing it - Gowntown is where you need to go.

Play the long game

Gowntown holds a special place in the history of Epic Sourcing. They were one of our first clients way back when, and we’ve been working with them ever since. We talk a lot about the benefits of building long-term relationships with key players in your supply chain, and our relationship with Gowntown perfectly captures that.

Enter Epic Sourcing

7 years ago, as Gowntown began to pick up steam, they approached us for support in tuning up their supply chain. They wanted to solidify their relationships with suppliers, put in place quality control systems, and improve the reliability of delivery times. 

A stable supply chain is one that is built on solid relationships and a sourcing agent can help facilitate this. We view relationships with our clients in the same way and most have been with us for years now. This helps create a level of understanding that is hugely beneficial from a sourcing point of view as it makes the process very agile. If a client needs an order quality checked before it ships - we have a team on the ground in China that can get it done. Need to switch supplies? We can make it happen fast.

Sourcing like a pro

Gowntown has been steadily increasing their product offering over the years and our main focus was supporting them with this project.

“Epic Sourcing has been an incredibly reliable and professional sourcing manager for many years. Their work has enabled us to gain a considerable competitive edge”. 

                - Edward Keaney, Co-founder at Gowntown

Epic Timeline

Early 2015: First contact

With the business growing fast, Gowntown approached us with the idea of having Epic manage their supply chain. To get the ball rolling we agreed to source a couple of products as a trial.

Mid 2015: Sourcing agent

After a successful trial period we took on the role of dedicated sourcing manager. As part of this role we manage tasks like finding new suppliers, product development, order management and shipping coordination.

Late 2015: Sydney visit

We visited Gowntown in Sydney to really get to know their business. From a sourcing perspective, understanding the business model is hugely beneficial.

2016: Products galore

Within a year of working with Gowntown, Epic had helped them source over 100 products. Gowntown was now supplying students from over 20 universities across Australia.

2016 onwards: A bright future

Since 2016 we’ve continued to provide a complete sourcing service to the team at Gowntown.
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Epic results 

When it comes to sourcing products from a low-cost region like China, every business has different needs. For Gowntown it didn’t make sense to get bogged down with the intricacies of sourcing. Having a dedicated sourcing manager allows you to get things done is a way that’s fast, professional, and affordable. When a sourcing related issue arises, Epic is on call. 

If Gowntown needs to develop a new product we can quickly and efficiently find them a verified manufacturer that can deliver. If they need to have the quality of a product checked before it ships, we have a team on the ground in China that can get it done. Fast. Ultimately, it means they can spend more time doing what they do best; growing their business.

It has been a pleasure working with Gowntown over the years, and we are looking forward to continuing to support them with their sourcing.

Another happy client!

Tk, at Epic

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How to find reliable suppliers in China

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