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A sourcing supply chain gets in top shape

Suna Pilates is a pilates and wellness centre based in Takapuna. They offer functional fitness and nutrition services to get you moving and make you stronger and healthier.

“Work the body, free the mind!” - Suna Pilates

Better products, better pricing, better sourcing!

As part of their business model, Suna Pilates sell a range of merchandise including mats, blocks, and pillows. In the highly competitive marketplace for pilates equipment, having the right supplier is obviously very important. You need a supplier that can deliver quality products on time and at competitive prices. A review of their sourcing process led Suna Pilates to Epic Sourcing.

Enter Epic Sourcing

Anna from Suna Pilates contacted us with a plan to improve the way they sourced their premium Sama brand merchandise. They were specifically looking for better pricing and more manageable lead times. Prior to this, lead times had been long, and on relatively small orders pricing was not very competitive.

This is a problem we LOVE to fix! Improving a sourcing supply chain is what we do best, and this of course starts with finding the right supplier. Finding top Chinese suppliers for kiwi businesses is one of our most popular services, and with over 7 years of experience in the industry, we know just how to find them.

Sourcing like a pro

Shortly after making first contact, we met with Anna from Suna Pilates. She brought with her an example of a product they sell and outlined some of the problems they had been having with their current suppliers. The mission was simple:

Find suppliers that can deliver the same product, with better pricing and shorter lead times.

Naturally, we accepted the challenge.

Epic Timeline

December: Initial contact

Anna sent us an enquiry through

December: First meeting and supplier prospecting

At the first meeting Anna brought a sample of the product she was looking to source. Armed with enough information, we started the process of looking for suitable suppliers.

December: Samples ordered

We found Anna a supplier we knew could deliver, and ordered samples. Sampling is one of the best ways to verify whether or not a supplier is up to the task.

February: First samples arrive for review

We presented the first samples to Anna and she provided feedback, including some minor changes that needed to be made to the product.

May: Powering through a pandemic

The COVID pandemic caused significant disruptions to the global supply chain, but the sourcing show must go on! By May we had the 2nd sample (with logo) to present to Anna, as well as some packaging options.

June: Order placed

In June the first order was placed with the supplier. We were excited to have negotiated pricing that was 40% lower than what Suna Pilates had initially been working with.

August: Quality control

Before the order was shipped we arranged for a post-production quality check. A quality check before your product ships is an important, and often overlooked part of sourcing. There is nothing worse than having your shipment arrive only to find that the products are defective! No such problems this time, and the products began their journey south to NZ.

September: Arrival

After a few COVID related delays, the cargo arrived in Auckland, New Zealand. We were very pleased to hear that the product quality exceeded the expectations of Anna at Suna Pilates.

Epic results 

The sourcing project with Suna was a great success. One of our primary goals at Epic is to find our clients the best pricing possible, without compromising on quality. With Suna Pilates we achieved that goal.

Since that initial project, we’ve helped Suna Pilates source more merchandise items for their store and we continue to help them fine-tune their supply chain. Ultimately, our goal is to help small businesses streamline the process so they can get back to doing what they do best; growing their businesses!


It was a pleasure working with a passionate entrepreneur like Anna and we look forward to working with her more in the future.

Another happy client.

Tk, at Epic

… and if you’re looking to explore the world of pilates, check out their amazing range of trial packs here.

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