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Work with the best clothing manufacturers in China and Asia, source like a pro, and build a brand that matters. With Epic Sourcing.

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If you're looking to manufacture clothing in China, having an expert in your corner can make a big difference. At Epic, making that big difference for kiwi businesses like yours, is what we do best.

Our expert sourcing ecosystem is designed to help you manufacture high-quality clothing your customers will love, without the hassle and uncertainty of going it alone.

Don't confuse us with those faceless clothing sourcing agents though! We're a small, local team of sourcing specialists that get pumped about helping launch NZ's next top clothing brands.

The recipe

How to manufacture clothing in China

with an expert sourcing agency (that's us) by your side.



Tell us about the piece you want to import or manufacture, and we'll start building the perfect procurement plan.



Our clients only work with the best suppliers and manufacturers. If you want world class products, you need a world class supplier.



We'll negotiate pricing and contract terms on your behalf, monitor production, conduct QC, and ship the products to your hot little hand (or your warehouse).



Tweak, tune, and fiddle with the features. Get to the Golden Sample before you push play on production.

We're ready
when you are.

With specialist teams on the ground in Auckland, China, and throughout Asia, you'll be tapping into an expert sourcing ecosystem that's ready to roll.

We take care of the niggly sourcing stuff, so you can get back to doing what you do best; growing your business.

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Reduced Time
to market

Better Pricing  &
Contract terms


Oh, and we’re saving our clients up to 77% on their orders.

A word from...

Thunder Club

TK's industry knowledge, innovative approach and tireless energy have been invaluable in helping us set up our new business.  We had a diverse and unusual shopping list, but no stone was left unturned until we found what we were looking for. The challenges of the global shipping crisis have added some stressful moments but as always TK remains calm and professional and his excellent communication means we are tracking to achieve a great result...and we are having a lot of fun along the way!

Get inspired

A look at what's coming down the clothing and apparel pipeline in 2022

Extra HOT


2021 was a huge year for activewear, and 2022 looks set to follow suit. Bike shorts are back, seamless is in, and for the bold among us, the gym onesie is all the rage.

Innovative, multi-functional and sustainable fabrics are also reshaping the industry. This has provided small brands with an opportunity to carve out a niche in an industry traditionally dominated by the big boys and girls.

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Kids and baby clothing

The kids and baby apparel market shows no signs of slowing down in 2022 and is expected to reach USD 80 billion globally by 2027. That’s exciting news for businesses in the industry.

Neutral shades, organic materials, customisable clothing, and super soft fabric blends are all trending in 2022.

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Sustainable clothing

You've no doubt heard of hemp clothing and organic cotton, but how about T-shirts made of mushrooms? Or pineapple leaf loafers??

Needless to say, things are getting interesting with sustainable clothing. The modern clothing consumer has sustainability on their mind, and at Epic Sourcing, we’re all for it.

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What do you wear to work when you’re not leaving the house? Loungewear of course. It’s a look that seamlessly combines comfort with style, for those that want to lounge around and look good doing it.

If you're looking for custom clothing manufacturers in China to create the next big brand in loungewear, give us a bell.

Find your manufacturer match

Finding clothing manufacturers for startups, eCom entrepreneurs, and fashion up-and-comers is what we do best.

Download the brochure and get to know one of our partner manufacturers.

Ningbo Dashu specialise in mid to high-end activewear and offer a range of services covering wholesale, custom products, and white labelling. They have an in-house design team and an R&D unit specialising in innovative fabrics. Their manufacturing facilities produce over 300,000 products per year and they export to over 26 countries around the world.

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It starts with the right


Looking for the perfect clothing material? We work with manufacturers that produce innovative materials and technical weaves for some of the world’s biggest clothing brands.


Quality counts

No loose threads

Nothing kills a clothing brand faster than poor-quality products. If you're looking to find clothing manufacturers in China, Epic can help. We'll connect you with an industry-leading, fully-verified manufacturer that can produce the technical weaves and the brand-building products you need.

“TK and the team at Epic make every step of the process easy and even enjoyable.”
- Nick


A sourcing solution

in a nice tidy package

Start a clothing brand
in 2022

From a drawing in the back of a notebook, to a ready-to-sell piece your customers will love.

Navigate the sourcing process with ease, and manufacture clothing in China like a pro.

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Hot Sauce is that spicy stuff you put on your wings.
Hot Source is where kiwi businesses go to get stuff made.

NZ is full of clever folks with bright ideas. So, we created a product sourcing hub that's tailor-made for the small business, the startup, and the eCom entrepreneur.

What's so hot about it? Forget about yesterday's hot products, we'll help you source tomorrow's.

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From a bright idea to a ready-to-sell product your customers will love.
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