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The Epic Supplier Verification Report allows you to source with confidence.

Don’t get caught out by a second-rate or fraudulent supplier

Go it alone

A significant time investment

Big learning curve Language/cultural barriers
Unexpected or hidden costs
Hard to vet suppliers

Epic Sourcing

Pricing starts from just $30/hour

Clear communication
Streamlined process
No hidden costs





IP Protection











find your perfect package
So, you’ve found a supplier or manufacturer in China and you’re eager to start sourcing. Before you place your first order, make sure you know exactly who you are working with. 
Our verification reports are 100% independent, easy to interpret, and delivered to your inbox within 48 hours. With Epic Sourcing, verifying a supplier or manufacturer in China couldn’t be easier.
Know before you go!
Download a sample report
Each report includes:
  • Company registration information
  • Shareholder information
  • Business licenses
  • The Epic Supplier Rating
  • Public legal history
  • Certification
  • Import/ export licensing
  • Improper dealings and administrative penalties
As part of the report you’ll also get a FREE follow-up call with TK,
your China sourcing specialist.

TK at Epicsourcing
Order your Epic Verification Report for just
$99NZD $79NZD
case studies

sourcing & prototyping

Supplier sourcing for Delivereasy Jacket

Nick got in touch with TK in early 2017. Together they worked out an ideal jacket design and prototype before they fly to China in June 2017 for sourced factories’ meetings.

Delivereasy Jackets Sourcing
Inspection and Monitoring

professional & responsive

Manufacturing monitoring and shipping

TK located a great supplier for us manufacturing touch-screen POS machine in China. After three months of developing, we decided to fly over for an inspection and negotiated mass manufacturing cost.

Free Trade Agreement between New Zealand and China gets an upgrade

February 12, 2021

In today’s Epic news! New Zealand has signed a new (ish) trade deal with China. New-ish because it’s really an upgrade to the initial FTA. So, what's in it?

How to find the best Chinese suppliers: The Epic process and the changing face of sourcing

January 13, 2021

Do it right and you’ll set yourself up for long-term success. Don’t, and you could end up with a headache no small business wants to deal with.

Why are global shipping costs soaring? Covid-19, container shortages, and port congestion.

December 8, 2020

If you’re in the business of importing, exporting, sourcing, or anything else that requires you to use international shipping lines, then you might be a little stressed this holiday season.

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