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5 Essential Steps to Source Products from Asia to New Zealand Like a Pro

A comprehensive guide to handling Asian imports for Kiwi businesses. Our goal is to offer practical advice and helpful tips that will not just reduce your headaches throughout the process but also minimise costs, ensure quality, and mitigate the risks that often come with global trade.

Source Products from Asia to New Zealand
August 8, 2023

In today's globalised world, businesses of all shapes and sizes are looking to expand their reach by tapping into new markets and sourcing products from various parts of the globe. The Asia-Pacific region, and specifically China, has been a hotbed of manufacturing and supply chain activity for years, and business remains booming.

Kiwi businesses have been exploring international sourcing opportunities to improve their cost structure and meet consumer demands. However, many business owners scratch their heads because they don’t know how to navigate Asian sourcing—it’s complicated stuff, after all. This is where the expertise of a professional sourcing agency, like Epic Sourcing, can help you out.

In this blog post, we'll provide a comprehensive guide to handling Asian imports for Kiwi businesses. Our goal is to offer practical advice and helpful tips that will not just reduce your  headaches throughout the process but also minimise costs, ensure quality, and mitigate the risks that often come with global trade.

How Kiwi Businesses Can Overcome Challenges in Asian Imports

Choosing the Right Suppliers

One of the most important aspects of successfully integrating Asian imports into your business strategy is to find suppliers that can handle your wants and needs. There’s a lot of them out there, so it’s crucial to conduct thorough research and due diligence to make an informed decision. Here are some things to consider when vetting potential suppliers:

  • Product quality: Request samples where possible. Alternatively, you can hire the services of a sourcing specialist like Epic who can conduct quality control checks in China on your behalf.
  • Manufacturing capabilities: Look for manufacturers that can handle your demands and scale up production as your business grows.
  • Industry experience: Ask about the supplier’s years of experience in the industry and the type of clients they have worked with.
  • Reputation and references: Where possible, reach out to their past and current clients to assess their performance, responsiveness, and reliability.

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Building Effective Communication Channels

Clear and efficient communication with your Asian suppliers is key to minimising hiccups in the supply chain and avoiding misunderstandings that can cost you a fortune. Create a detailed communication plan that will allow your business to build strong relationships with your partners abroad. Here are some guidelines to follow:

  • Establish a primary point of contact: Appoint a person or team within your company to liaise with the suppliers. They have to ensure that communication is frequent and crystal clear.
  • Adapt to the times: Use communication tools like email, instant messaging, and video calls to bridge the gap effectively.
  • Provide detailed specifications: Clearly outline your product specifications, desired quality, and any other relevant requirements to the suppliers to prevent anything from getting lost in translation.
  • Schedule regular status updates: Set up periodic check-ins with your suppliers to monitor progress, address any issues, and anticipate production or delivery delays.

Building trust and cultivating open channels of communication are essential in overcoming language barriers, cultural differences, and time zone challenges involved in international trade.

Quality Assurance and Inspection

Having an effective quality control system not only protects your company’s good name but also ensures customer satisfaction. Implement the following measures to guarantee top-quality products:

  • Define quality standards: Clearly lay out your expectations and communicate them to your suppliers.
  • On-site inspections: Hire independent inspection agencies or local experts to conduct inspections of the production process to ensure nothing shady is going on.
  • Pre-shipment inspections: Prior to shipping the products, arrange for a final inspection to verify the quality and conformity to your specified requirements.
  • Mitigating risk: Work closely with your suppliers to address any shortcomings on the spot and ensure prompt rectification of any identified quality issues.

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Logistics and Shipping Considerations

Managing logistics and shipping can be incredibly hard. Factor in the following aspects to ensure hassle-free delivery of products from Asian suppliers to your New Zealand business:

  • Shipping methods: Choose a shipping method based on factors like delivery timelines, costs, and the size and weight of your products. Consider options like air freight for time-sensitive deliveries or sea freight for larger shipments.
  • Import duties and taxes: Familiarise yourself with New Zealand customs regulations and import duties to avoid surprises and delays in receiving shipments.
  • Freight forwarders and customs brokers: Work with trusted freight forwarders and customs brokers in both New Zealand and the source country to ensure the smooth handling of your consignments.

Legal and Compliance Aspects

To shield your business from legal disputes and protect your interests, make sure you comply with all international trade regulations, safety standards, and intellectual property laws. Work closely with legal experts specialising in international trade to safeguard your business. Key points to consider include:

Contract negotiation:

  • Develop clear import contracts outlining the terms and conditions of your business relationship with suppliers, including quality standards, warranties, and payment terms.
  • Intellectual property protection: Secure patents, copyrights, or trademarks to safeguard your unique designs or innovations from being copied or counterfeited.
  • Regulatory and safety compliance: Adhere to product safety standards in the source country and New Zealand to prevent penalties and customer dissatisfaction.

Leveraging Advanced Sourcing Solutions for Expanding Business Overseas

Utilising the power of Asian imports in your Kiwi business can be a winning strategy if you get it right. By following the tips we’ve outlined above, you’ll be well-equipped to navigate the complexities of global sourcing and successfully grow your company. At Epic Sourcing, we stand ready to support you in achieving your sourcing goals and contributing to your business's success. Reach out to us to get started!

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