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Epic Sourcing

Every business success lies with a sound supplier and products pool. Sourcing is the art of efficiently processing the sheer amount of (often inaccurate) information.

I helps you with sourcing manufacturers in China that meet the sourcing criteria. My approach is to focus on ethical and sustainable manufacturing & products to identify the right suppliers for your business. Upon completion of sourcing, presented with all supplier’s information, contact details, quotations, as well as my assessment.


● Analyze product feasibility
● Source the best matching supplier
● Request for quotes
● Request for factory direct samples
● Conduct factory inspection
● Build up relationships
● Require factory direct samples

Epic Prototyping
Epic Prototyping

I offer the means to accomplish a previously non-existent, innovative, personalized production by cooperating with suppliers that emphasize and specialize in prototypes.

I manage the project from preliminary designs to delivery of mass production, and consequently, understand the importance of prototypes and their inclusion in purchasing terms.


● Feasibility study
● Completion of technical plans
● Production of prototype
● Negotiation of cooperation terms
● Development of product specifications
● Pre-selection of the supplier(s)
● Technical support

Epic Production Monitoring & Quality Control
Epic Production Monitoring & Quality Control

From order placement to receipt of goods, I oversee your order(s ), help you forecast potential delays or quality defects, and provide you with efficient and useful information.

I follow-up policy with suppliers mandates standard schedules of communication and thereby ensures that they meet the scope and deadlines in a professional manner.


● Pre-production briefing
● Draft manufacturing documents
● Production monitoring
● Post-production Inspection
● Shipment monitoring
● Supplier relationship management

Epic Shipping arrange
Epic Shipping arrange

As part of my logistics support, I give you advice on the most appropriate shipping method for a good quality-to-price ratio.

From loading to delivery, each step is planned and overseen by me and co-shipping team to make sure you know the exact location and status of your order.

I am presenting during post-factory loading to conduct a final inspection of the goods and their seal.

I ensure the proper delivery of your goods and oversee the publication of customs clearance documents.


● Shipping Method Selection
● Shipping Plan
● Goods loading monitor
● Clearance documents
● Shipment Tracking

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